Friday 31 May 2013

Introducing: Red Sol Extinction

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In the distant future, a team of researchers study alien ruins on a lush, habitable world in hopes of claiming a new home. However, they must first discover what caused the extinction of its previous inhabitants: humans.

When evidence suggests Mars as the origin of the extinction event, you, the team’s top anthropologist, must travel back to a time when humans roamed the Red Planet. After possessing the bodies of two humans in different Martian eras, you can coordinate your investigative efforts through time, while trying to evade suspicion.

Red Sol Extinction is an upcoming original game for the PC, currenly in development by The Beyond Team, created in the classic 2d point-and-click style of games like Beneath A Steel Sky and Fate of Atlantis. It will be a full length game of the scifi genre, and will feature professional-quality artwork, dialogue and voice acting.

It is still too early to guesstimate a release date, but keep checking back on the blog for more info.

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