Saturday 18 May 2013

Creatures of Northpoint 01

3d Modelers, Kaelin and Yogesh, have been hard at work on the creatures of Northpoint.

Kaelin has been working on our re-imagined version of the Grahl, who serve as the rugged trolls of Northpoint. Here is our decided concept of them:

And here is Kaelin's current progress on the female troll model:

Next up is Yogesh's concept art for our version of the Ogrim:

And here is an early progress shot of the Ogrim model:

I'll be posting more images later, as they progress with these and other models, so keep checking back with us to see more content!

Also, very soon we'll be announcing our classic 2d game project, with new concept art, as well as a description of the game. At the moment, we're banging our head's together, trying to decide on a title!

Anyway, thank you Kaelin and Yogesh for your brilliant work so far!

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