Tuesday 22 November 2016

New Dev Blog

Hi everyone! Sorry I'm not around much to comment/help these days. I'm now on the final year of my Software Engineering and Game Development degree, and I've been working on some personal game projects, which has kept me very busy. I've recently started a new portfolio site, if anyone wants to follow what I'm currently programming. It's not really a showcase of sorts, as it's mainly small tech demos and things like that. The site is basically to chart my learning in the field, but if you'd like to see what I'm up to, here is the link:


Thursday 6 August 2015

Where Is The Beyond Team?

I know it's been almost a year since we've done an update, so I'd like to give a bit of an explanation for anyone who's wondering what happened or where the team went.

First of all, we didn't give up and the core team did not disband. Last year I started a degree in Software Engineering and Game Development, so that has taken up most of my time. Iain (Ionis), who is co-lead with me and lead level designer, started work as a level designer for an Indie team making an actual game in the Unreal Engine.

So as it stands Northpoint is going to be released as a sandbox mod for now. It was supposed to be a large project. It was ambitious, but not over-ambitious, as it was still smaller in scale than Beyond Boulder Dome, which our team proved we could see through to completion. It's just that now our priorities and ambitions have extended beyond modding, as we are now making actual games.

We won't be ready to talk about our first game for quite some time yet, but we are well into the design stage. I can say that the game will be a 2d scifi RPG, using a game engine I've written from scratch in C++ using the DirectX libraries. It will have a rich lore and break new grounds in 2d gaming.

Thanks to everyone who has followed our team and played our mods. Watch this space!

- Robert Helms (RJHelms84)