Tuesday 4 June 2013

Iain (Ionis) has now finished level design work for all the named locations in our Northpoint mod! So I'm currently working on merging his work into the main heightmap (ESM) file, and once I've done that I'll re-generate the (LOD) distant object models, so we can have a good look at Northpoint in all its glory! At which point I'll take a bunch of screenshots for you guys and post them here on the blog! You won't have too long to wait!

In other news, sadly, our artist Jimmy has left the team for now, due to personal reasons. So we'll soon be recruiting a couple of new artists to work on our 2d game project, Red Sol Extinction. We'll be posting an ad for the positions very soon.

On the modelling front, progress is coming along nicely. In the works we have a male Grahl, a Herne (for Bloodhunt) as well as a special secret creature that won't be revealed until you play our Northpoint mod and discover it yourself! But aside from the secret creature, more progress shots will be posted soon on these and the other creatures.

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