Monday 10 February 2014

New Rigger Joins The Team

A warm welcome to Lifestorock, a well-known modder from the Skyrim Nexus, who has recently joined our team as a creature rigger. When we create a new creature, we choose an existing creature from the vanilla Skyrim game who is similar in terms of anatomy and animation, then it is the rigger's job to weight-paint our new creature to the existing creature's skeleton, so it can use its animations.

Lifestorock has already begun work on our Scamp, who is being rigged to the Falmer skeleton. Here are some progress shots he's shared with us below:

If you wish to see more from Lifestorock, keep watching this blog, but you can also visit his popular creature mod on the Skyrim Nexus, called Skyrim Immersive Creatures.

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