Saturday 1 February 2014

Aspects of Hircine

While Iain is finishing off the last remaining interiors of Northpoint, I've been making some good progress on the programming for Bloodhunt. That's coming along very well. We have a very special professional voice actor, who you will recognize from a few video games, who is voicing one of the main characters in the mod. I won't give away who it is yet, but it will be a nice surprise! He already recorded his audio, and I've got a good chunk of it programmed in already.

Also, the Hircine model has now been completed, so hopefully we'll have a render shot for you soon enough, with a nice pose and background. In the meantime here is some concept art by Andrew Short, who is working on modelling the Aspect of Strength this coming week, followed soon-after by the Aspect of Speed.

1 comment:

  1. Kudos to Andrew! I really like these designs, albeit although I'm more eager to dip into this Mod, I'm certain to enjoy Northpoint just as much.
    If I recall these aspects were used in Bloodmoon? I only know this from let's plays.

    Keep up the awesome work chaps. I'm excited to hear what Hircine will sound like! It was a shame they got the annoying fan from Oblivion to voice Him and Peryite in the vanilla game ;D