Tuesday 5 March 2013

Hircine's Hunting Grounds

[Level Designing is already 100 percent completed. Screenshots to come soon!]

Story rough draft:

Player discovers a vagrant in Bloated Man's Grotto. He seems like a normal traveler at first, but reveals himself to be the servant of Hircine. The man tells the player that Hircine is impressed with him, and would like to invite the player to his hunting realms, where great bounties can be had.

If the player accepts, the man opens up the nearby portal to Hircine's realm, and the player is told to enter. If the player refuses, the man calmly informs the player that Hircine cannot be refused, and casts a spell on the player, transporting him forcefully to Hircine's realm.

Once in the realm, the player will find himself accompained by the servant, who will teleport away, but not after telling the player the rules of the hunt.

He tells the player that only the best hunters are invited to Hircine's realm, and here they must compete, to hunt or be hunted. Should the player prove himself worthy, by being the last man standing, only then will he gain the honor of facing Hircine himself. You must hunt and succeed, or die here.

There are 10 other hunters in the realm, brought here for the event. Some will actively hunt the player, others will hide and wait. The player may see one defeated by another, so the player shouldn't be the one to kill all ten, as that wouldn't make sense. 10 is not the final number, that is just an idea for now.

It would make sense, and add some variety, to have the best of each Skyrim species as the contestants. Like a nord, an orc, a dark elf, etc. Also, this won't be a straight-forward, go and kill them and be done with it style of mission. The contestants will have story elements woven in, and dialogue, to keep things interesting. We want this to be an interesting story, with twists and turns, not just mindless killing.

So, hit me up with some ideas for the contestants/hunters. I can't promise I'll use your ideas exactly, but I'll at least take inspiration from them. We may even be able to have another custom creature made, if necessary.

Here is an early model-draft of Hircine, by our modeller, Xenoo:


  1. This has got to be the greatest idea in the history of everything that did or ever will exist :)

    P.S. I love the Hircine model but wouldn't make more sense if his hair was shorter because long hair would make noise in the grass and get in the way.

  2. If the player is a WereWolf, there should be dialouge referencing the player's wolfblood

  3. Naturally Long uncut hair is scientifically proven to Increase balanced and environmental awareness sensitivity. Studies by the military were done in ww1 with groups of Native Americans. The ones who did get a buzz cut could be tapped on the shoulder before waking up. Ones without awoke before they came into the room. Keep the hair long