Friday 22 March 2013

Beyond Boulder Dome v1.0 Released!

Beyond Boulder Dome is now out of Beta, and version 1.0 has been released on the mod's page at the nexus, which you can find here:

Change List

-All files have now been re-uploaded, to make installing the mod easy. Now all you need to do is download all 5 parts, and extract each one individually into your Data folder.

-Issues with the secret entrance beneath the Zax not opening, when the player sides with the NCR has been fixed.

-Various other fixes that I've forgotten to mention.

Here is an extensive list of changes made by Kaz Foxsen:


- Added unmarked scavenger hunt in Boulder Underground for Deadpan’s lost journals. Each one adds an entry on pickup.
-DPan makes various comments in Boulder, and I added/fixed Mojave comments
- Fixed and reinstated DP’s Atomic Wrangler scene.
- Fixed and reinstated Connie’s unmarked book quest.
- Food/drinks can now be purchased from Jeff after completing “Open for Business.”
***NOTE: If you’re playing an old game save after this update, his vendor chest will probably be bugged and have almost nothing in it. Waiting for it to respawn doesn’t help.
- Added a Wild Wasteland Easter egg to a Boulder Underground squad invader


- Player tells Kate to “go some place safe” when fired in Colorado if Boulder Underground hasn’t been discovered yet. Adds map marker.
- When DP is first fired to the Lucky 38, he gets inspired and writes something (originally, a third play rehearsal scene would explain Petey’s “Scar Pei” comment, but the audio was lost, so this note does that)
- Added note of dedication to Stork Shrine to clarify what she means to the town.
- Added message box at the end of Caroline’s “Open for Business” quest to inform player when trading is available in Boulder Underground. This replaces an unvoiced line.
- Reinserted medical supply combat warnings for DP (in addition to the lines he says)
- Asking DP about Gremlin is now top-level topic
- Made it more obvious that Gigi can play Caravan after “Open for Business”
- Added North Markers to all Boulder Underground interiors


- Mark now has lip files for his guitar intro and ending
- If Firefly fires warning shot at player, player can attack him w/o triggering witnesses to attack
- Fixed bug that prevented Boulder Underground NPCs w/o home interiors from reappearing in the town during the day. They also teleport straight to bed after midnight, except Sam
- Sam will now appear in front of Boulder Underground as he should regardless of sleep scripts
- Cleaned up some of the gremlin quest (including adding some more fail-states if sources of info die)
- Added fail-states if the Player/companions kill Boulder Underground residents
- Boulder Underground NPCs now properly chase and attack the player after a murder!
- Fixed Whiskers/Boxy rehearsals
- Stopped Boulder Underground NPCs from saying Hellos to Kate that are linked to responses, which she doesn’t have. Otherwise they will talk to themselves.
- Fixed some typos/grammar errors
- Suppressed Kate’s hired message to make her more like standard companions
- Removed “Companion Message” from Kate’s message boxes to standardize them
- Replaced Kate’s vague fired/quit messages with specific message boxes
- Moved Kate’s firing messages from Result Script Begin to End so they don’t interrupt her.
- One of Clive’s logs mentioned taking Jet, which didn’t exist before the war. Changed it to whiskey.
- Raised counters in diner so NPCs lean on them properly
- Dead baby deathclaws now disappear after a day
- Changed Boulder Underground lunch packages from sandbox to eating
- Set ownership of The Best Only Diner to residents
- Firelight inside Boulder Underground interiors go out at night as well
- Moved Ferocious Loyalty companion scripting higher in their quest scripts so they could still activate perk while waiting.
- Moved trashcan in Boulder Underground park down so it’s no longer floating


- Added some music to the diner
- Blocked female generic ghouls from saying unvoiced lines
- Added remaining DPan audio
- When DP sacrifices himself fighting for the player, he now shouts “Save yourself!”
- Added/replaced Connie’s unvoiced lines.
- Replaced Ingrid’s unvoiced gremlin line
- Updated audio for Andre’s lines if he gives the player C4 to destroy shrine
- Fixed mistake in one of Caroline’s lines
- Disabled noises made by dino toy and hula girl in Boulder Library


- Some minor decorative additions to Underground Boulder (notably giant-head bicycle lady)
- Created yellow texture to make certain books stand out
- Improved Gofer Gang logo texture
- Added vanilla normals to hydrant and fire truck texture sets


- If you’re playing an old game save after this update, Jeff’s vendor chest will probably be bugged and have almost nothing in it. Waiting for it to respawn doesn’t help.
- Deadpan will not teleport home after 7 days like other companions. I’ve tried everything I could to fix this, but nothing works. If he gets lost, type in the console "prid 06084598," hit enter, then "moveto player" or try “coc BDDPanGreenRoom,” to enter the room where he goes during auto-wait sequences.
- Interrupting DP’s speech to James/Francine Garret in the Atomic Wrangler to rehire him is supposed to reset him, but glitches. Try telling him to wait, then follow, and leave the casino.
- Lenore’s Ferocious Loyalty effect is buggy.
- If DPan is dismissed to Jacobstown, sometimes he sits and types on invisible keyboards. Many of the chairs in the lodge have computing animations attached to them. Supermutants don’t type, so no one would’ve noticed.
- If DP is given new glasses, once in a while they get stuck the wrong size or the strap on his normal pair disappears. I’ve never been able to reliably duplicate this glitch.
- Sometimes the Boulder Underground NPCs answer their own greetings. This is due to having Hellos with linked responses. If the listener doesn’t have a response, the speaker ends up responding. For Combat dialog, the Exists condition would fix this, but it doesn’t work on Conversation dialog.
- When DP is KOed and revives, the lip files don’t work for those Wake lines
- Sometimes Night Light doesn’t glow


- Jacobstown Lodge: a teleport marker for Deadpan and Lenore
- Old Mormon Fort: a teleport marker for Kate
- Atomic Wrangler: added 3 markers
- Various dialog quests: added conditions so remarks about Raul are also triggered by Deadpan
- Added cubic activators to trigger DP’s remarks at Camp Golf, Cottonwood Cove, Quarry Junction, The Fort, The Fort Summit, Gomorrah, Goodsprings Cemetery, King’s School entrance, Camp Searchlight house, The Strip, Boulder City, Vault 22, Red Rock Canyon, Lucky 38 entrance, outside Raul’s Shack, Nipton, NCRCF entrance, and near the dino.
- The Gomorrah generic dialog quest has scripting added to a couple of topics so DP responds to propositions
- VMQTops quest, Goodbye topic has scripting added to make DP comment on Yes Man

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