Tuesday 19 August 2014

Northpoint: Progress Update (19/08/14)

It's been a while since our last update. But that doesn't mean we've been twiddling our thumbs. We've been busy at the less 'showy' aspects of the mod:

Firstly, I have been bugfixing, polishing and refining the landscape and interiors. Northpoint in its current state is fully playable as a sandbox mod.

The second major area I have been working on is writing in-game books, journals and notes. Currently, Northpoint adds 29 new books (some from previous TES games, some completely new) and 22 misc notes/journals (not including quest-related notes).

As a little treat, here is an example of one of our new texts, which gives a little insight into Northpoint's lore:

Spirits of Northpoint

Gaston, Acolyte of Julianos

I have lived in Northpoint for many a year and one thing of certainty is the Northpointer's stubbornness regarding their religious beliefs. Unlike the rest of High Rock where the Eight Divines are widely and popularly worshipped; the Bretons of Northpoint cling to their more tribal ways. They venerate seven nature spirits; Geata, Mayag, Wodden, Derga, Cofgodde, Fryse and Fier.

Many would have you believe their superstitions are nothing but. However, I have the unique position of not only being a stoic believer in the Eight and an acolyte of Julianos, but I am also well versed in the local lore, the local history and more importantly the local stories. Knowing their beliefs as in depth as I do, one can make the assumption that there is more to these 'nature spirits' than meets the eye.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Aedra and Daedra are the only beings in our world which hold divine or godlike power. Yet the local spirits of Northpoint are known to dispense blessings, curses, and both good and ill fortune. After spending an extended period amongst the local Northpointers I have gathered and collated my evidence. My evaluation is that these nature spirits are manifestations of known Aedra and Daedra, simply working under different titles and different circumstances. So let's begin breaking down these spirits:

Geata, the Green Woman
Association: Nature, woodland, forests, summer, plants, rebirth, renewal, redemption and transformation.
Manifestation of: Meridia

Geata, or the 'Green Woman' as she is sometimes known, is an ambiguous spirit. Known to act both benevolently and malevolently. The locals believe she protects the woodland areas of Northpoint from unnatural beings. I believe she is a manifestation of the Daedric Prince Meridia. While little is known of Meridia, her hatred of the undead is unquestionable. Geata's association with nature, rebirth and renewal is counter to the unnatural lingering state of undeath. This remains consistent with her ambiguous nature and her protection of the natural from the unnatural. Furthermore, the traditional offering of ectoplasm (a sticky substance left behind by the incorporeal) further impounds this opposition to the undead.

Mayag, the Maye Queen
Association: Purity, flowers, children, birth, youth, spring, dance, song, music, poetry, art, air, wind and female fertility.
Manifestation of: Mara

Mayag is known to behave in a strictly benevolent manner. There are no ill tales attached to her and she is quite popular amongst the female population of Northpoint, not least of all due to her association with fertility, birth and children. This beneficial behaviour can easily be attributed to the Aedra Mara. Mara's origins as a mythic-era fertility goddess breeds consistency. It is customary to offer a sprig of snowberries at her shrine.

Wodden, the Hunter
Association: Hunting, animals, predators, sport, sportsmanship, fairness, male fertility, autumn and fire.
Manifestation of: Hircine

Wodden is without a doubt a manifestation of Hircine. They share much of the same associations and the required offering of a wereboar tongue cements a link with lycanthropy - a curse inflicted by the Daedric Prince of the Hunt.

Derga, the Guardian
Association: Earth, rock, metal, underground, caves, tombs and luck.
Manifestation of: Lorkhan

Derga is the most obscure and difficult spirit to analyse. Information concerning the Guardian has been tough to accumulate. Sadly, I was unable to locate his shrine and thus unable to make the traditional offering of a hunk of iron ore. The stories associated with him are riddled in metaphors and obfuscation. However, the few tales I was privy to did supply a few notes of clarity - tales tell of him being the 'Spirit of the Earth' living in every rock, root and inch of soil. Guarding the men above. While it is little to go on, I believe his association with the earth, the underground and his apparent guardianship of men make him a suitable analogue for the missing god Lorkhan.

Cofgodde, the Man of the Cove
Association: Households, the home, protection, health and harmony.
Manifestation of: Zenithar

Cofgodde is perhaps the most popular and widely admired of the Northpoint spirits. His association with the home, protection, health and harmony make his shrine the most widely visited with numerous offerings of wheat made every year. Clearly a manifestation of the holy Aedra Zenithar.

Fryse, the Elder Mother
Association: The elderly, old and ancient things, respect, water, rain, rivers, lakes, storms, the sea and time.
Manifestation of: Kynareth/Kyne

While the general consensus amongst the clergy of the Eight is that Kynareth and Kyne are one and the same. There are still those that insist they are separate entities. One such group are the local 'Fryse Hags'. This militant cult holds the belief that Fryse is the Bretonic interpretation of Kyne, dismissing Kynareth entirely. Regardless of whether you believe these suspicions, Fryse is clearly an aspect of Kynareth. It is customary to leave an offering of spitweed at her shrine.

Fier, the Hungry One
Association: Death, famine, sickness, justice, vengeance, war, battle and winter.
Manifestation of: Peryite

Just as Cofgodde is prayed to for good health, the final spirit, Fier, is prayed to in the hopes of preventing *bad* health. His focus on death and disease fits Peryite perfectly. Even in this manifestation the Daedric Prince is loathed by the local populous. It is customary to leave offerings of bonemeal at his shrine.


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    2. I second this! Please release the beast!